2018 Canada holiday calendar

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2018 Canada holidays calendar

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2018 Canada holiday calendar

You can easily make a holiday calendar just by printing the above calendar and marking the following holidays in it.

United States National Holidays and Observance for February 2018

S.No.DateWeekdayHoliday NameHoliday Type
1 1st February 2018 Thursday National Freedom Day National Observance
2 2nd February 2018 Friday Groundhog Day National Observance
3 2nd February 2018 Friday National Wear Red Day National Observance
4 12th February 2018 Monday Lincoln's Birthday National Observance
5 13th February 2018 Tuesday Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras National Observance
6 14th February 2018 Wednesday Valentine's Day National Observance
6 16th February 2018 Friday Chinese New Year National Observance
7 19th February 2018 Monday Presidents' Day National Holiday

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